Jellyfish 10

10% JELLYFISH – Rolla Bottle is not just about stemming the problem, we contribute to the solution.  As part of the Jellyfish 10 initiative, we commit 10% of all Rolla profits to the plastic-pollution clean-up solution via donation to various clean ocean campaigns and organisations working to remove plastic already in our oceans.

By supporting Rolla Bottle YOU are helping to end the madness and YOU are part of the solution. You can stand tall knowing that you are helping sustain our earth by saying ‘NO’ to single-use plastic, and knowing that you will be making a difference to the clean-up solution with every Rolla Bottle you purchase.

You will see the Jellyfish 10% logo proudly displayed on all Rolla Bottles.

The jellyfish symbolises the plastic pieces in the ocean that are often mistaken for marine life such as jellyfish and eaten by other sea creatures and birds thinking it is food.

The projects we are supporting and the impact we are helping create will feature on our newsletters and social media updates.

We are always keen to hear from our Rolla Bottle community about projects you would like us to support, so please get in touch.

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