Everything you want in a water bottle -

rolled pocket size

At Rolla Bottle we make water bottles that are as flexible as you are...

They roll small to fit with your busy on-the-go lifestyle, are designed with you in mind, are easy to take anywhere and be ready for anything.

Rolla Bottle makes it easy to always have a bottle with you and enable you to say ‘no’ to planet damaging single use plastic.

Rolla Bottles fits your lifestyle and your values….

 It's everything you want in a water bottle rolled pocket size.

Packed with features you'll love


Compact and lightweight. Rolls to just 1/6 of it's size when empty. 


Made from Premium Quality Food Grade Silicone, naturally BPA free. 

Easy Clean

Dishwasher friendly. Comes apart for a complete clean. 

Freezer friendly

Flexible Rolla Bottle can handle the freeze, wide neck for ice cubes. 


Rolla Bottles are leakproof - we guarantee it! 


Made from the highest quality materials, backed by our lifetime guarantee. 

Make Your Own

Colour customise your very own Rolla Bottle.

With over 400 unique colour combinations available to create you will be sure to find one that is perfect for you!

Shop the Colours

New fresh Mint

Introducing our newest colour - Mint. 

The cool relaxing tone of mint looks marvelous with all our lids.

Teal and White for relaxed sophistication, Pink Lilac for a Deco feel and Living Coral for something more punchy. 

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new colourway.

Make it yours. 

A few of our favourites

Support Clean Oceans

Rolla Bottle is committed to a brighter future by making it easy to say 'no' to planet damaging single-use bottles.

We contributre 10% of our profits to clean ocean campaigns to remove marine plastic pollution.

Planet friendly

We use environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.  Our product packaging and shipping materials are 100% recyclable and we choose carbon neutral delivery partners. 

Rolla Bottles are designed to last, as part of our commitment to the planet all parts are replaceable and come with a lifetime guarantee.  



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