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Rolla Bottle is not your average promo bottle...

Its ingenious design enables Rolla Bottle to stand tall when full, giving you all the functionality of a traditional water bottle when in use, and it rolls small (to just 1/6 of its size) and out of the way when you are done. 

Lightweight and portable, Rolla Bottle makes it is easy to always have a water bottle on you, rolled up and ready to go – so you won’t get caught-short buying single use water bottles again.

Why Rolla Bottle is a great choice for a branded bottle partner.

  1. High usage rate – This bottle actually gets used, it doesn’t sit in the cupboard or roll around on the car floor, or worse – get thrown away.
  2. It’s got the ‘wow’ factor, if you are an innovative, environmentally aware brand this is for you.
  3. Built to last - Made from the highest quality European food standard silicone.
  4. Lifetime guarantee on all parts – As part of our commitment to the planet we prefer to replace parts rather than see the bottle go to landfill.
  5. 10% of profits donated to help clean ocean plastic – it’s the gift that gives back.


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